Our Mission

We offer a unique dining experience serving Scottish/French cuisine for excellent value in the West End of Edinburgh. Acclaimed chef Dean Gassabi and Maison Bleue operate the restaurant serving a similar menu to his other Maison Bleue outlets. Michelin Star chef Martin Wishart also supports the restaurant by being a guest chef every quarter.

The restaurant exists for a Social Mission,
run along the same social ethos as Social Bite:

Pay it Forward
Diners can “Pay it Forward” meals for the homeless

Meals for the Homeless
The restaurant opens 3pm-5pm Monday for an exclusive service for the homeless, where they can dine with dignity

Training and Employment
Training and employment opportunities for Edinburgh’s most disadvantaged people are offered and Social Bite team members can further their career.

Owned by Parent Charity
100% of the restaurant’s shares are owned by Social Bite’s parent charity to further our work with the homeless.